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A destination boutique located in the heart of Newport, Rhode Island, Toci is an oasis of cashmere, pima cotton, linen & silk wearables that you will want to live in. 

By scouring the market around the world, we select everyday basics, chic classics and signature garments that embody a "casual-luxury" lifestyle. Each piece is kissed with femininity and crafted with the highest quality care, all while embracing style and comfort.

We value sustainability and strive to bring in eco-friendly fashion brands who create exceptional goods that also do good. Creating not only a fashionable environment, but a sustainable one!

come join the world of "cashmereites"


/kaSHˌmir, īt/


  1. a person who enjoys the luxury of cashmere as a year round staple  
  2. a person whose closet consists of sweaters, scarves, capes & more made of nothing but cashmere 

"Donna is such a cashmereite! She doesn't wear anything but cashmere morning, noon and night!" 

 If you aren't a cashmereite yet, one trip to Toci will turn you!  

"I have too much cashmere"

- no one, ever

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