Sphere One

Sphere One

With a modern, conceptual knitwear design, Lucy Downes has been a fan favorite since Toci's doors opened. The high-quality yarns, clean lines, timeless silhouettes & chic color choices make Sphere One a brand to obsess over. 


Paychi Guh

Launched by Paychi Karen Guh in 2013, Paychi Guh pieces are crafted with the highest-quality cashmere yarn and her style is nothing short of eye-catching. Paychi Guh's philosophy is simply: everyday indulgence, comfort, versatility, timelessness & flattering fit.  

Private 0204

Private 0204

Based out of Copenhagen, Denmark & crafted in a very unique way, Private 02 04 pieces are one of Toci's favorite (& softest). Each Private 02 04 garment goes through a traditional "slow cashmere" process using rare, vintage looms at family-owned mills located at the base of the Alps in Northern Italy. 

Evam Ava.jpg

Evam Eva 

Evam Eva is a Japanese luxury knitwear brand with a concrete vision: bring the wearer comfort & happiness. Evam Eva is committed to organic & sustainable manufacturing practices & uses predominantly natural dyes and fibers

Pin1876 by Botto Giuseppe

Pin1876 by Botto Giuseppe

A veteran to the cashmere game Italian designer, Botto Giuseppe, crafts one of our must-have cashmere pieces. The Pin1876 scarves & wraps are designed with a passion for quality, sustainability, softness & of course, style. These cashmere creations have been passed down through many generations, over 140 years! That's a lot of cozy! 

Oats Cashmere

Oats Cashmere

Oats Cashmere launched in 2009 as a luxurious & high-quality knitwear collection for the modern consumer who appreciates simple luxury. Sourcing from the fleece of the Pashmina goat, Oats crafts pieces with the world's finest cashmere & is constantly expanding design boundaries! 



"From Sunday afternoon walks to wrapping up warm on those Winter nights, we know it’s the best parts of life that are worth remembering. We don’t just make beautiful cashmere; we bring together the best raw materials, skills & heritage to create garments you can love, laugh & live in." - Brodie 

MJ Watson.jpg

MJ. Watson 

MJ. Watson was launched in 2016 & skyrocketed right to the top with their light, effortless Italian cashmere pieces. Their fresh collections embrace neutral colors, high-quality cashmere yarn & modern silhouettes while blending in unique & refined designs. 


Until Soon.jpg

Until Soon

Luxurious modern layers & fine craftsmanship & exquisiteness are the best words that describe Until Soon. Their styles are beautiful, versatile & comfortable all tied together with an NYC inspired flair. 

William Lockie.jpg

William Lockie

‘Lockies’, as they are fondly known, dates
back to 1874 & are known for producing the softest, finest & most luxurious knitwear in the world. Their secret is in the use of the highest
quality of raw materials coupled with the precision of their manufacturing process - producing knitwear like no other.


Captiva Cashmere by Balbianello

Captiva cashmere apparel & accessories are made from the purest cashmere & hold true to timeless, classic cashmere design. 



We call Skin an "addiction" here at Toci. Once you start wearing it, you will want more & more!  Skin uses soft natural fabrics, organic cotton materials & sophisticated, versatile silhouettes.. 

"I love Skin because it feels like your skin" 

- Customer, August 2017



Know to many as the best luxury travel clothes, Anatomie has truly nailed ultimate comfort without losing style. Executed with European fabrics & craftsmanship, Anatomie pieces are the ideal balance of functionality & fashion. 



Kokun, founded in New York, is a sweater company that represents quality & exquisite workmanship. Kokun embodies comfort & simplicity & is the perfect combination of  uptown fabric & downtown aesthetic.



Imagined by Yves Chareton in the United States in 1979, the Hartford project revisits American wardrobe classics, bringing them a twist of modernity.

Natalie Martin.jpg

Natalie Martin

Natalie's dresses are made from hand batik printed silk. Batik is a centuries old craft performed by the finest artisans in Indonesia. All dresses are printed by hand and is set to dry out in the sun. Each dresses is therefore slightly unique and with its own charm.