Not all cashmere is created equal! Quality plays a big role when it comes to caring for your cashmere garments. Our directions are based on garments that are 100% cashmere & from quality yarns.

1. Soap
Cashmere comes from a specific type of goat that has similar characteristics to human hair. We suggest you use a cashmere wash or use baby shampoo. 

2. Water Temperature
Very Important! Cold water only! Otherwise you can pass it on to a child or your favorite pooch!

3. Prep before wash
It is a good idea to take any pilling off before you wash. Due to the delicate nature of cashmere, pilling will occur if the garment is subject to friction. This usually occurs under the arm or if you wear a purse, etc. We suggest a sweater stone. Only use the edge of the stone very lightly.. pills are hanging on by a tiny thread and should remove easily.

4. Hand wash or machine wash on delicate cycle
The key here is as little friction as possible. The newer wash machines (front loader) have wool or hand wash cycles that basically just soak and then spin the garment out. Perfect for cashmere! I have also used the mesh wash bags. Just make sure that the water temp remains cool in the machine. 

5. Lay flat to dry
If you hand wash, then rolling the garment up in a towel will help remove some of the water. Do not wring out cashmere. 

Proper care will keep both you and your cashmere happy for years to come!!