Welcome to the world of everything cozy. Cashmere, prima cotton and stylish silk created by the most renowned designers from around the world. "Sustainable casual luxury" are the words we live by here at Toci and we bring you pieces you'll want to live in.

Founded in 2012 with an aspiration to present a coherent and contemporary concept in the fashion-scene of sustainable luxury.

Continuing in the tradition of providing a small boutique atmosphere current owner, Darlene Zettergren will search for the highest quality casual luxury items to bring to her customers who embrace the lifestyle.

Darlene is an entrepreneur originally from Connecticut. Darlene now calls Newport her home, and has been a shopper, friend and admirer of Toci since it’s creation. Shopping local and maintaining a value on craftsmanship over mass production has developed and translated into the everyday values at Toci.

In ancient Aztec mythology the goddess, Toci, had a dual identity- nurturer and warrior. We embrace this peaceful warrior mentality every day. We unify high-quality fashion with a positive social impact all while making you feel good in any piece you put on.