hand made prints: banjanan silks and cottons

Come check out Banjanan's new summer styles at Toci! We are in love with Caroline Weller's designs. As a fashion designer for a number of well known brands (Armani, Calvin Klein, Club Monaco...), Caroline's taste level and aesthetic were honed over 20 years in New York and Europe. Her roaming lifestyle has become the cornerstone of the Banjanan brand. She continues to find inspiration between her family homes in India, New York, Switzerland, England and the Cote D'Azure. 

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‘Banjanan’ comes from the Hindi “Banjaran” meaning ‘Gyp.sy’. The brand is based in Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, India, the birthplace to Gypsies. Banjanan is dedicated to supporting and sustaining their local textile community. Their collections consist of hand made embroidery and prints that are impossible to recreate by machine! 

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Christine Higbee