Paychi Guh Arrivals

We are so excited to announce the arrival of Paychi Guh! These fabulous worsted cashmere sweaters have a modern twist that make a great addition to your wardrobe! This line is renowned for its comfort, versatility, timelessness, and flattering fit... come on down and check them out, we'd love to see you! 

Paychi Guh was launched in 2013 by Paychi Karen Guh. Karen has an extensive background in Textile Design and held a Design Director position at Nordstrom for over 15 years! She has grown her company around the philosophy of everyday indulgence. Paychi Guh focuses on using a certain kind of cashmere, worsted cashmere, to guarantee that everyday indulgence feel with each of their pieces.

Worsted cashmere is made from the longest fibers that come from the goat hair. These fibers pass through more combing processes to become worsted yarn. Worsted yarn is finer, smoother, and it produces a high-quality cashmere. The worsted cashmere allows for lightweight and breathable cashmere pieces to be enjoyed throughout the year. 

Paychi Karen Guh in Mongolia learning about cashmere goats! 

Paychi Karen Guh in Mongolia learning about cashmere goats! 

Christine Higbee