7 Must Know Cashmere Facts

You know that your favorite cashmere sweater or scarf is super soft and you follow all the washing do's and don't's. But now it's time to dive a bit deeper into the cashmere world. 

Here are seven fun facts you should know before your next cashmere purchase. 

1. Cashmere goats live in high and dry places with extreme weather (think Mongolia and China where the temp hits -40 degrees!) The colder the weather and the longer the days= longer and finer goat hair! 

cashmere goats

2. Cashmere fibers are SIX times finer than strands of human hair. And that's measured by length, diameter and color. So the longer, finer and whiter the cashmere, the higher quality and the more luxurious. 

3. Limited supply! Because these goats only shed once a year in the Spring, cashmere connoisseurs have limited sources (which also factors into the pricing of the finest pieces).

4. A lot of the production for a cashmere piece is done by hand. In a world ran by machines, the art of crafting cashmere hasn't drifted from the importance of hand done steps. Although some designers have opted for machine processes, steps like sorting the wool, is ALWAYS done by hand.


5. You should wash your cashmere properly but NEVER get it dry cleaned. Hand washing your cashmere pieces is the best way to ensure the softness and shape is preserved. Also be sure to pick up some wool & cashmere shampoo! 

6. Pilling isn't always avoidable even with the finest of cashmere. To a degree, pilling is somewhat inevitable. There is natural friction from wearing a cashmere garment that can cause pilling. To avoid pilling try to keep your pieces away from rough items like handbags (shoulder bags are one of the worst culprits!) and snagging jewelry. 

7. You'll never regret a good cashmere purchase. You may feel you're breaking the bank purchasing a cashmere piece (high prices, as mentioned, are due to the fine fibers, hand done crafting and multiple environmental factors.) However, it's a find that will last a lifetime and it's luxury you'll want to live in everyday. 

pure cashmere
Christine Higbee