The Girl Behind the Guh

Or should we say, the "woman behind the Guh." Paychi Karen Guh, that is. It takes a certain talent and eye to create breathtaking pieces. Add a modern, unique (even a little funky) flair and you will find yourself admiring and desiring Paychi Guh cashmere creations. Her motto- everyday indulgence. 

cashmere goat

There's a delicate line between architecture and knitwear design that Paychi Guh blends perfectly. She has mastered the marriage between textile and cashmere. There is a sense of, "individuality, timeless style, and ultimate comfort," within every Paychi Guh piece and her art work has certainly made a name for itself within the cashmere, and fashion, world. 

Guh was born and raised in Taiwan and at the ripe age of 19 ventured over to Vancouver, Canada. She attended University of British Columbia, as well as, Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science where she studied textile and design, the foundation of it all. Guh didn't stop there though. To bring her talent and creative ability to the next level she rounded her education out at Central Saint Martins of Arts and Design in London (which is very prestigious- think Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, even, Pierce Brosnan!) 

Paychi Guh cashmere

Guh continued to be the Jack(lyn?) of all trades by gaining vast fashion industry knowledge through her 15 year (+) run as Textile Designer and Design Director at Nordstrom (you go Guh!)

Paychi Guh

Knowing she needed a niche to set her apart from the typical knitwear design, Guh blessed us with a line of original silhouettes that gracefully drape and flatter in an effortless way that will make you want to live in her pieces.  

Paychi Guh cashmere
Paychi Guh cashmere

Paychi Karen Guh officially launched her line, Paychi Guh, in 2013 and for that, we thank her. She incorporates every aspect of fashion we love into her designs. Each Paychi Guh cashmere piece is crafted to be an essential piece of every wardrobe, to be incorporated into every season signature looks and is meant to be a find that will last a lifetime. She is also a strong advocate for sustainable design which basically makes her the Superwoman of cashmere.