2017: The Year of the Cashmere

We have a lot looming and weaving here at Toci as we ring in the new year, and we're not just talking yarns and sweaters. We are bringing more than just coziness in 2017 and we're excited to invite you along for the ride. So cuddle up in your favorite wrap, surround yourself with your loved ones and raise your champagne glasses high because 2017 is going to blow your (cashmere) socks off! 

Here's a little sneak preview: 

Sustainable fashion:

Aka eco fashion. Everyone has a social responsibility and we are taking our part by participating in a more sustainable approach within the fashion world. Sustainability is defined as, "a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged." (Merriam-Webster dictionary) Applying that concept to the fashion world has been a work in progress for years and has caught some serious traction within a multitude of designers and brands. 

It's now our turn. Many of our designers we carry have a sustainable approach in their craft and we're looking forward to diving deeper into this environmentally-conscious fashion world. 


Our belief: quality > mass production. 2017 holds a variety of handcrafted and locally-made products available at Toci. We love supporting designers that put a genuine, hard-working, thoughtful and loving effort into every one of their pieces. These designs could be made right next door or across the pond, but either way, we are bringing you the best of the best. Get ready for one-of-a-kind finds with the high-quality luxury you desire. 

Toci originals:

Our motivation to bring you more original Toci pieces is higher than ever! With the love we received after introducing  our capes  (available in colors for every season) we knew it was time to up our game. In 2017 keep an eye out for the "Toci" tag on even more signature, must-have pieces.  

lifestyle blog:

 As you know, we carry pieces you'll want to live in. We love the casual luxury that our cashmere has to offer, but it's time to take that lifestyle to a new level. Introducing: Toci Living. This lifestyle blog will bring a personal light to our brand, explore our city by the sea, educate on cashmere must-knows, track fashion trends and more. A weekly blog that delves into the ins and outs here at Toci. So, get ready to subscribe and start living, Toci style. 

Christine Higbee