How We Stay Cozy

We're almost through January but if we know New England weather the winter winds have just started. Keiko dreams of Hawaiian sunsets, Ali snuggles her abundance of furry friends and now Christine reveals her tricks and trades to staying cozy (with a toddler!) 

Favorite snowy day activity: I love catching snowflakes on my tongue and pulling Luna on the sled! 
Hike a mountain or ski down: Definitely ski or snowboard down!
Go to snowed in movie: Pride & Prejudice
Winter Netflix binge: The Crown
Have you always lived in or been around cold temps: Yes! I love the change of season. I lived in Florida for awhile but was happy to move back up north. 
Coffee or tea (with any add-ons): well, being Irish I'll take a hot toddy (aka Jameson)
Must have cozy clothes: Scottish cashmere socks & Italian throw from Private 0204

Fav Toci find for the winter: Well, with this cold weather and snow, everyone needs an adele wrp from Oats. Bundle up!!
Final fun facts on how to survive the New England cold: Start your morning off with some Apple cider vinegar, honey and lemon tea every morning!  

Christine Higbee