Happy Earth Day!


Trends come and go quicker than ever before. Seasons are shorter and the turnover time for designers  is faster than you can say sustainability. 

Unfortunately there isn't a land of misfit clothes for all the unwanted, outdated pieces to escape to, therefore approximately 84% of those clothes work their way to a landfill or incinerator. The scariest part? That's just in the United States alone.

Now one might think, if these clothes are just being burned, how much damage could that really be doing to the environment? Well, some (a lot of) brands are more focused on mass production rather than the quality of the material, so majority of these clothes being burned are made up of synthetic fibers (think polyester, nylon, acrylic) which can take hundreds of years (even thousands. Yes. THOUSANDS) to biodegrade.

Over the past couple of decades the volume of clothing Americans have tossed has doubled from 7 million to a whopping 14 million tons. 

We know what you're thinking- spring cleaning, trend changes, temperate/climate moves, (etc) all factor into getting rid of your favorite hip hugger jeans from 2008 and last year's infinity scarf. But try this on for size.


Try to buy from brands that value their impact on the environment. This includes the decision on certain materials, recycling and reusing strategies and more! We hold sustainability high and true at Toci, and focus on doing our part to positively impact our environment. 

Embrace the environment this Earth Day (and every day!) 


Christine Higbee