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think easy, breezy and totally stylish.

"European sexiness infused with the essence of California ease" as Love TanJane designer Sonia Erneux puts it. These cotton gauze dresses that we just hung-up for all to love will be the perfect summer wardrobe (& fall!!) addition.

handcrafted in Ojai, California, not only are these dresses head-turn worthy, they are the comfiest, too!  Sonia prides herself on embracing all aspects of the Love TanJane line into everyone of her pieces, & it truly shows!

She breaks it down like this: 

Love: as in sexy, irresistible, like chocolate

Tan: as the body in the sun, an elemental sensation 

Jane: as in Tarzan, embodying the essence of a woman, connected with nature

Sign us up Sonia! Embracing femininity, sustainability, & style, these cotton gauze dresses are a must-have. 

Christine Higbee