cashmere cure for chilly temps

Paychi Guh cashmere

the drear of winter in New England is hitting hard but cashmere is here to cure those blues (& to help get you through the next couple months!) 

we have the cozy, cashmere that'll help you through all chilly nights, & well into the breezy spring afternoons. 

the beauty of cashmere is the breathable material brings comfort from January, to spring break (& we seriously rock our Pin1876 cashmere scarfs well into June evenings!)

pin1876 cashmere scarf

so, come take advantage of in-store sales & set yourself up with a new cashmere treat! 

PS: Don't forget about the special guy in your life deserves some cozy cashmere, too! We have some men's pieces looking for their forever home, & the best part?! They're on sale!

Christine Higbee