give us s'more!

take a break from the casserole & stuffing recipes because we are focusing in on something a bit sweeter! 

a chilly Saturday night calls for trolling Pinterest, & if you're anything like us our feed is filled with all things yummy. the other day we stumbled across a simple recipe that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

so to get into the holiday spirit & embrace the season for home-baked goodies, we decided to trade our cashmere sweater for an apron & whip up some treats! Boy are we glad we did! 

we did take some executive chef decisions to make these s'more cookie bars friendly for a plant-based dietary lifestyle! (yay for the awesome organic section at Stop and Shop!) 

s'more bars ingredients

~you'll also need salt, baking soda, vanilla extract & an egg!~ 

glass of red wine

~vino optional but highly suggested~ 

s'more dessert

~think crumble meets a fav bonfire past time~

so thank you Something Swanky for gracing us with this simple yet satisfying recipe. our fav part is being able to enjoy all things s'more even when it's 35 degrees outside! 

easy dessert

now get baking so before you have to share with the whole family, you can treat yourself to this delish dessert!


Plant-based substitutes: 
vegan butter
dairy/soy free dark chocolate chips (66% cacao!) 
coconut flour

Christine Higbee