five gifts to give

The holiday season is swiftly moving along, & for all those (like us) who wait until the last minute to accomplish their shopping list - this guide is for you! 

Toci Cashmere Boutique Store Front

we have put together a handful of gifts for the loved ones in your life (we'll even wrap it up nice with a bow in-store!) It's crunch time so let's get down to some cashmere business. 


she has all the answers, gives the best hugs & deserves the world.

Well, there's less than a week until Christmas so the world will have to wait! In a close, cozy second we suggest wrapping Mom in a Brodie 100% Cashmere Cardigan (in truffle!)
This breathable cardigan will be loved during the bitter, winter nights & well into the spring season (there are some summer nights that we would don this great piece as well!) 


she has a packed closet & comes home with a new trend that she "LOVES!!!" every couple months. so our advice when shopping for the stylin' sister or daughter - stick to staples. Staple pieces are those that never lose their essence in the fashion world & are timeless, chic & practical.

The Devil Wears Prada Gif

Que Capote pants.
Capote, an LA based brand, has effortlessly balanced both comfy-cozy & light-liveable in their must-have leggings! In store we have straight & bootcut styles, as well as, the option to add a little flare by choosing the legging with a leather-like seam detail (our fav!) 


let's be a little more daring with the best friend in your life.

you know her well enough to know her style, so why not add a stand-out cashmere piece. We've raved about her designs countless times, & she never disappoints with her funky silhouettes & fresh take on cashmere fashion. that's right we're talking Paychi!

it's so tough to pick just one, but this mock neck pullover takes the cake for this gift guide. 

Paychi Guh 100% cashmere mock neck pullover.jpg


Secret Santa 

for the smaller gift swapping sessions this season we had a couple options. Cashmere sleep mask, maybe a trendy cashmere hat with a chunky knit, but then we remembered the twist on an old classic crafted by Oats. 

As much as we would all like to deny of the technology overload, it's unavoidable at this point so might as well bring a cozy yet current gift to this years office party, book club soiree, etc! 

The Man/Men 

whether it's your hubby, dad, brother or the guy bestie with epic style, we have multiple 100% cashmere sweaters that'll please every man!

with every age, lifestyle & comfort choices in mind, we decided to suggest one of the half-zip pullover cashmere sweaters we carry in-store! 

the soft Scottish cashmere will make any guy appreciate the coziness of high-quality cashmere (& appreciate is lovely, leading lady too! double score!) 

Now it's time for us to finish up tying up our own presents with ribbons & bows!

Christine Higbee