just in: Until Soon

don't let the name of this brand fool you, once you see their designs you'll be sure to want all of their wraps and sweaters right NOW! 

Until Soon cashmere pullover sweater

this New York based brand was founded in 2015 but the two women behind Until Soon are no novices to the fashion world. 

Wendy Wurtzburger kicked butt in the corporate fashion world for over 15 years, heading the Merchandising and Design office & Global co-president at Anthropologie.

She spearheaded major growth within the company (we're talking international expansion, record profits & more. yea-Wendy knows what she's doing!) but eventually it was time to take her knowledge, experience & expertise in another direction. She went on to start her very own retail & branding consultation firm where she established more relationships with major designers, companies & brands.

Phew, we know- she does it all! 

As a fellow Anthropologie prodigy, Michelle Gondolini spent over 20 years leading knitwear design in the fashion industry. She crafted & produced knitwear for Anthropologie for 18 of those years & along the way crossed paths with Wendy. That bond led these leading ladies to craft Until Soon (thanks Anthro!). 

Until Soon cashmere turtleneck sweater

Taking Wendy's timely, accessible style & Michelle's innovative, creative artisanal crafts, Until Soon is the perfect blend of modern chic and casual luxury (just a few of our favorite things!) 

"Refined, relevant, quietly hip... these are the pieces that can go the distance."
Empowering style, comfort & creativity is the forefront for these brilliant ladies. 
They say it best themselves
"[Until Soon] reflects a feeling of independence, almost rebellion against the confines of fashion that dictate what women should wear, and how." 

"We are run by women, worn by women, and we support women"

And we support Until Soon!! 


be sure to come check out these awesome new pieces & other fresh, fall designs in store now! 
Christine Higbee