New Paychi Guh!

we always wait at the store, like kids on christmas morning, for the mailman to drop off new Paychi Guh arrivals. Her spring & summer line brings simplicity & style to a level of blended sophistication & modern flare. 

PaychiGuh Worsted Cashmere.jpeg
PaychiGuh Worsted Cashmere Cardigan.jpeg

(above) Crew Neck Worsted Cashmere Cardigan

Paychi Guh cashmere box tee.jpeg

(above) Worsted Cashmere Long Sleeve Boxy Tee in Bella Pink (available in Navy & Black, too)

Paychi continues to deliver pieces that exemplify "everyday indulgence." Breathable, airy yet cozy, innovative & timeless - your Spring & Summer wardrobe will be your favorite with any Paychi Guh find!



Fun fact: worsted yarn is created through an additional combing process with only the longest fiber (longer than 33mm). This creates a finer, smoother & higher-quality cashmere! 

Christine Higbee