NYE Glamor{ously easy} & Cashmere

New Year's Eve creates a sea of sparkle & glam from Time Square to LA & everywhere in between {& beyond}. Every year plans are penciled in, bubbles pop, itchy tiaras & plastic beads are tossed on, all to ring in the next 365 days of fresh starts & new adventures. 

new years eve gif

There is a certain magic that breezes through but that doesn't mean you have the motivation to doll up & deck out. That's where this elegant Oats cashmere cashmere sweater enters.

If you're lucky enough to live in chillier winter states {hello New Englanders} sometimes your outfit choice needs some last-minute adjustments {which just makes this Oats sweater even better!}

Oats cashmere Gaines_black.jpg

with a  flattering jet-black silhouette paired with party-time belle sleeves, the Gaines cashmere sweater designed by Oats is the go-to NYE glamorously easy outfit

Bring it on 2018!

Christine Higbee