The Quality Behind the Craftswoman

Something we pride ourselves deeply on here at Toci is the influx of talented, artisan craftswomen and craftsmen who design and create your favorite cashmere pieces. From intricate patterns to meticulous softness these designers are beyond loomers and knitters. They are artists.

Throughout the next few weeks we’ll be taking you cashmere lovers behind the scenes of our designers. Where they began, what makes them special and why we love their cashmere designs more than all the other options on the market! The fashion world is ever-changing and we love discovering fresh, innovative designers, as well as, the well-rounded vets who show the world why they’re best of the best.

Lucy Downes

Sphere One

Lucy Downes is an award-winning designer and founded her international cashmere brand, Sphere One, wanting to bring quality cashmere designs to all corners of the world. Inspired by her homeland in Ireland between the mountains of Wicklow and the city of Dublin, she quickly took the fashion world as soon as she got on the scene.

Many fashion designers can agree that their fascination with textures, shapes, architecture and more all melt into their creative pot that drives their dream designs. That was absolutely the case for Downes. From a young age she delves into the depths of her intrigued intuition within the textile industry. Embracing simple shapes and classic cuts, Downes praises the world-wide fashion designer, Alexander Calder, as one of her first inspirations. Admiring Calder’s designs since her first trip to New York with her parents as a young girl, Downes explains, “I find his work technically ingenious and yet charmingly light-hearted .”

Finding her niche didn’t happen overnight. Lucy worked her butt off earning her degree in fashion design at the top of her class. Following that she spent a decade with the top-notch designer Donna Karen New York. Through her career Lucy never settled or got too comfortable. She was always searching for the newest design concept and has a variety of awards under her belt, including recognition within the knitwear technology industry - giving way to her technical knowledge as well.

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The options are endless when peaking through Lucy’s Sphere One designs. Every season she spreads her wings and delivers innovative, high-quality, fresh designs. Experimenting and finding what works for her crafted pieces is Lucy’s favorite part of the process!

“Colour lab dipping and combining are my favourite parts of the design process.”
-Lucy Downes

So with a combination of her unwavering knowledge, her love for textiles, hues and creative silhouettes Lucy Downes brings you the best of the best with her line Sphere One. We are so happy to have her cashmere pieces gracing our shelves in our Newport boutique. Want to see more of Lucy’s designs? Stop by our shop or reach out to one of our cashmere experts today!

Christine Higbee