time to travel

'tis the season for all things cozy & traveling to moms, aunts, sisters, college friends & everyone in between for some holiday festivities! 
if you're anything like us, packing procrastination is a serious issue. but worry no more because we have a few tips to get your cashmere to any destination in pristine condition! 

1. less is more 

we know having a multitude of outfit options is convenient, but for your cashmere's sake we advise against stuffing your suitcase or overnight duffle to the brim. this just causes bunching, scrunching & a whole lot of friction (which is a big NO NO) so pick out your outfits with ONE back up (because we know you can't cut it out cold turkey) & the zipper should glide smooth (& no bums should have to be used) to seal the goodies. 



2. turn it inside out & roll

like mentioned above, friction is never a good match with cashmere. the best way to avoid any suitcase disasters is actually simple & easy! when packing your cozy piece first, gently flip the piece inside out (goodbye any fabric friction!) next, you're going to want to roll not fold. this not only avoids creases, it keeps the cashmere from stretching & creates better space in your suitcase! win & win

3. choose your coat wisely 

friction strikes again. this time right on your shoulders! that's right, your coat/jacket/cardigan/duster choice matters & can be seriously detrimental to your cashmere. if the inside of your coat has a flannel or wool lining opt out of tossing it on over anything cashmere. instead reach for the down jacket with a smooth, windbreaker-type material on the inside. 

a christmas story gif

4. unpack 

we totally understand that some holiday getaways are just a day or two which makes unpacking very unappealing & unnecessary, however, we suggest to let your cashmere breathe. you don't need to set-up shop in your grandma's guest room but unrolling your cashmere pieces as soon as you settle will help conserve it's shape & material quality!

5. comfort is key

according to AAA 89% of people traveling for Thanksgiving this year (out of nearly 51 million people!) will road tripping to their destination. this means comfy clothes are a must! a couple of our fav go-to comfort pants (perfect for post thanksgiving dinner too) are Anatomie's classic skyler pant - perfect balance of comfort & style; Oats brings ease to a whole new level with their cashmere joggers. 

friends thanksgiving pants

we could go on & on with tips of the trade but these are the big ones for us!

remember, the holiday season is about giving, being grateful & making memories with the ones that mean the most.
accept that you WILL forget something when packing, you might spill some gravy & eat one too many pieces of pie.

but with a couple of guidelines your cashmere will sure to keep you cozy & stylin' through it all! 

happy travels! 

Christine Higbee